Monday, October 1, 2007

first day of school and why judith butler's gonna rock my socks

ahh.. the first day of school -- well the not really thurs was the first official day of classes but fortunately I have thurs. and fri. off (with the exception of thurs. lecture for the class i ta -- and more on that later)

I'm taking two classes this quarter, sadly i had schedule conficts so couldn't take a third -- i'm trying to speed through coursework, as i just finished a master's almost a year ago and have just started a program that makes me do a whole other master's before i get to prepare for qualifying exams... whew! so yes, back to my classes -- I had my first class today which is a seminar on the work of Judith Butler -- and what makes me excited, makes my stomach flutter is I finally get to read most of the theorist Butler cites in her work. The first time I read gender trouble i wanted to cry --- and then bodies that matter made me understand that gender trouble was in fact no trouble at all -- but now i get to work through these texts slowly and easily just like one should...

gender and the performative are at the center of "my project" that i sometimes want to quit. because yes, this quarter as much as i'm trying to get myself back into shape from the summer, i'm tired. and sometimes reading and writing doesn't come as easy as it used to, i keep telling everyone i've lost my academic mojo -- but this quarter despite my recent bouts of laziness i'm gonna try my hardest to get it back and go toe to toe with butler -- and enjoy taking it apart piece by piece and understand it rather than dismiss it for its shortcomings, problematic blah, blah... so yes, yes, judith butler is gonna rock my socks..

and now the second class, is the "theory of the chicano novel" by a faculty member i don't take so well to, one who claims that chicana literature wasn't worth recognizing or even existed until the mid 1980s, yes the MID 1980s not even the early 80s.. so needless to say, i'm not looking forward to him, but am concentrating to looking forward to novels and literature that i've been without for so long..

and now my first day is over and i gotta prepare for my sections tomorrow -- i'm teaching three sections for a grand total of 64 students, *sigh* i have lots of work to do..

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Ktrion said...

Holy mole, that's a lot of students.

I hope you're getting some fun stuff in the lit class.